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I travel between Malaysia, Italy and Eastern Indonesia but definitely have a soft spot for Piedmont, Italy. Now that the kids have grown up I suddenly have time again. I’m reassessing what it is I want to do with it. My work as an artist has skipped along at an acceptable pace all these years. My husband and partner, we run businesses together, and these continue to keep us busy and always developing new ideas.

However, its my work as an artist that I’m really happy that I can focus on once again. This is what I’m coming to grips with now. I’m once again practicing my art, picking up my skills again and figuring out what I love.

I am planning to skip out of the whirl of social media a bit next year and get stuck into a couple of personal projects. By focusing on these entries here I’m aiming to just put down a few things that I like to talk about outside of what my personal aims are. Spending all that time flipping around on Facebook, scrolling up and down….ummm…I’m had enough of that really.

Life goes on very happily, the family comes home, there’s lots of cooking, exploration, and continual adventure and discovery, both locally, further afield and within my particular topics of interest. These revolve mainly around the family, our environment, being outside, plants, nature and a certain amount of conservation of culture and heritage. Its an amazing world that keeps flagging up new things. Long may this continue!




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